Ecclesiastes: Remember God

Pastor Geoff concluded our series in Ecclesiastes. He wrapped it up by talking about how when we think about our lives in the context of having a relationship with God our lives have great meaning. Pastor Geoff shared that we need to remember God and His place in our lives everyday and that will help us be reminded of the meaning our lives have.

The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote that we should remember God while we're still young and before we are too close to death. This allows us to use the gifts and passions God gave us and be effective with them. Sometimes we tend to forget to remember God because of the business of our lives, our own pride, and our fear. One way to remember God is to remember that He always remembers us.

At the end of the book, the writer concluded that without God everything is meaningless, but with God and following His will our lives do take on greater meaning.

*We were unable to record this sermon due to a power outage*